Boiler replacements in Pontyclun

Combi Swaps South Wales install and replace all types of boilers throughout Pontyclun, Caerphilly and any surrounding areas such as Abergavenny, Llantrisant, Cardiff, Blackwood, Pontypridd, Pontypool, or Risca.

If you live in Caerphilly and are thinking of getting a new, more advanced boiler replacement, then Combi Swaps South Wales are the perfect company for you to talk to. We are boiler specialists based in Pontyclun and offer our boiler replacement services throughout the surrounding area including nearby Caerphilly. 

Boiler installation specialists based in Pontyclun

We offer free advice and quotes to all potential customers, so you can guarantee that you are getting value for money when dealing with us. We have a team of highly experienced plumbers and heating engineers who know the industry well and are always ensuring that they are kept up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advancements within the plumbing and heating world. If you're local to us and would like our professional opinion or arrange a free, no-obligation quote, please use our contact form to leave us a message will get back to you.

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Benefits of installing a new boiler

Are you based near Caerphilly, Bridgend or Abergavenny and are thinking about upgrading your boiler? Not sure of the benefits of installing a new one? Here at Combi Swaps South Wales, we have identified a few benefits that you might not be aware of for installing a new boiler.

We all contribute to the carbon footprint of our planet, which means that all appliances, vehicles, and machinery that are used in the modern world are emitting carbon dioxide. During a global energy crisis such as this, we are constantly being urged to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why reducing energy use by installing an energy-efficient boiler is a good place to start. If you are interested in making a difference and helping our global energy crisis, you can find out more about how installing a new boiler helps to reduce your carbon footprint here. To find out more about which boilers are the most energy-efficient, head over to this other blog post!

A new boiler could also increase the value and worth of your home! When people look for a new home, they're generally looking for a functional heating system that they won't have to improve on shortly after moving in. Find out how installing a new boiler could add up to £8,000 to the value of your home by reading through our blog post on why you should invest in a new boiler.

Baxi Approved Installer in Pontyclun

At Combi Swaps South Wales, we ensure that we install the best products, which means that our engineers tend to like installing the more efficient boilers on the market. That is why we have partnered with UK boiler brand Baxi. We are officially Baxi-approved installers one of the market's leading boiler manufacturers based here in the U.K. Baxi boilers are well-known in the industry as being highly reliable, durable, and high-performance levels. As an Approved Installer, we are able to offer on the Baxi boilers we install of up to 10 years. For more information about what it means to be a Baxi Approved Installer, please visit our Baxi page here.

Gas Safe Registered

We are fully Gas Safe Registered. Please keep in mind that only Gas Safe Registered engineers are allowed to work with, replace and install gas boilers. We are more than happy to show you our Gas Safe qualification upon request and highly urge you to do so when hiring an engineer to do any work with gas. Not doing so could put you and your property at risk.

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If you're local to us and are looking for a fully qualified engineer to install a new boiler for you, then please get in touch. Whether you're looking for a professional opinion on whether it's the right time to get a new boiler, or if you're interested in arranging an appointment where we will be able to provide you with a quote, contact us today. You can use the website's contact form where we will get back to you at the earliest possible convenience. 

Frequently asked questions about boiler replacements

A. A well-installed system with a modern boiler and modern controls can make a huge difference on the energy costs compared to an old back boiler on a 1 pipe system with no thermostatic control for example. It’s impossible to say how much a new system will save each customer but rest assured there will be considerable saving if you are upgrading a boiler that's more than 12 years old.
A. We do have finance options available to our customers, although we usually find that our customers can get a much better APR on a credit card or personal loan, so recommend this option first. Please note that we're able to accept card payments.
A. No, we currently don’t offer any monthly charge service plans or cover. We provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on any new boiler we fit combined with the warranty provided by the manufacturer normally 7-10 years. Reminders are sent out for servicing new installs direct from Baxi with our number on.
A. We happily offer our boiler installation service from Abergavenny to Bridgend and everywhere in between. We do also try and accommodate customers slightly further afield if necessary. If you'd like to find out whether we can install a new boiler for you, please get in touch.
A. Yes, any rubbish created from the work we carried out is removed from your property and properly disposed of and recycled by our waste management company.

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