Is it time to think about investing in a Smart Thermostat?

Smart technology is rapidly increasing in popularity throughout the UK, and in particular, Smart thermostats are the latest trend in the digital world. Combi Swaps South Wales have outlined the advantages of turning your home into a smart home, and why now might be the best time to invest in a Smart Thermostat.

What is Smart technology?

Smart technology allows homeowners to control their heating and/or air conditioning through a mobile device. When installed, you gain the ability of controlling your home's heating remotely, which is incredibly useful for users who'd like to save money by turning off your heating when they are not at home. 

Benefits of a Smart thermostat?

If you'd like to see exactly how much money you're spending on your heating bills and exactly when you're spending it, then a Smart Thermostat will tell you exactly that. 

As lockdown measures will begin to relax moving into the new year, as people transition into busier schedules where they may not be confined to their own homes any longer, Smart thermostats will allow users to control their heating on the go.

If you are a household that has a regular routine, then Smart thermostats are a perfect option for you. They learn your habits and routines to optimise your home heating so that less energy is wasted.

If you have a dated central heating system with a thermostat with a dial, it is time to invest in a Smart thermostat that will be able to track your usage, spending as well as saving, so that you can keep on top of your home's central heating.

Smart thermostat advantages

Reduced energy bills

This is the benefit that makes smart home installation most worthwhile. According to Tado, you can save up to 31% on your heating bills, which can equate to £100’s for most customers across the Caerphilly area. You’ll be able to make up the costs of the installation within the first year and then reap the rewards thereafter.

Smart thermostats are smart

The Tado thermostat learns about you and your routine the more you use it. Do you leave the home at 8am and get home for 6pm, the thermostat will learn about your lifestyle and set the heating to turn on and off at these specific times. The Tado smart thermostat also integrates the weather into the set temperature. If the thermostat notices that the weather is slightly cooler than normal, it will lower the temperature accordingly; helping you save even more money on your energy bills.

Monthly and yearly reports

If you have a keen eye on saving money, you’ll benefit from the monthly and yearly reports that come with smart thermostat installation. The reports detail exactly how much money you have spent on heating and will even offer suggestions as to how you can reduce your monthly bill.

Easy control

With a smart thermostat you’ll be able to control the temperature through a simple app on your phone/tablet. Are you out of the home and did you forget to turn the heating off? No problem, switch your phone on and switch the heating off, it’s as easy as that!

If you are interested in turning your home into a smart home, please get in touch. We offer our smart home installation services in Caerphilly and the surrounding areas, including Abergavenny, Blackwood, Pontypool, Risca and Cardiff. Not to forget, we’re registered installers of Tado smart thermostats. To take advantage, please fill out the contact form on the contact page of our website. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.